KJKS was initiated to educate the children from poor and underprivileged communities through the “Learning Centre” .


We organize health camp for children pertaining to their health condition & facilitate diagnosis in case of any disease.

Skill Development

KJKS train a large number of illiterate, less educated, unskilled or semi skilled youths in different trades

Environment conservation

KJKS partnered with Lifeboy to observe and celebrate the Global Hand washing Day at the Learning Centre.

Our Mission

We strive to improve the conditions and quality of the life of the underserved and disadvantaged people in selected rural and urban areas and the surrounding regions, KJKS acts as a facilitator and works towards creating an enabling environment for successful implementation of development programs through capacity and institutional development of community organizations, advocating for process improvements to usher in a performance culture, perceive outcomes and realize a transparent, accountable and responsive system.

Welcome to Koshi Jan Kalyan Samiti

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About Us

Since 2008, Koshi Jan Kalyan Samiti (KJKS) undertook a variety of activities aimed at improving the living conditions and quality of life of underserved, disadvantaged and needy people in selected rural and urban areas of Bihar through a rights based consultative and knowledge sharing approach with community, civil society and Government. Koshi Jan Kalyan Samiti (KJKS) is a registered not-for-profit organization. It designs and executes its programs through a participatory and consultative process involving all stakeholders on Rights based approach. KJKS has access to cutting edge intellectual resources that enables it to articulate its program strategies and models directed at empowering the poor both economically and socially. KJKS is selective on projects, as it believes in thorough utilization of its resources and expertise.

We Resource

  • Management and Training Services that support respective institutions develop sound efficient policies and effective program delivery systems
  • Participative planning, implementation, monitoring and appraisal of program activity
  • Advocacy initiatives for Capacity Enhancement
  • Work ethics and Performance Improvement Programs through micro planning tools
  • Innovative pedagogy in education
  • Skill Upgradation Programmes


To develop a knowledge based society where vulnerable and disadvantaged women, youths and children live positive and quality lives.

Glimpses of Work Done

Education Programs

Education Program of KJKS was initiated since its inception in 2008 and till date efforts are being geared up on an increasing parameter to educate the children through the “Learning Centre. The unit is catering to more than 250 children from poor and underprivileged communities at Kurji, Patna. Quality education through a pedagogy of joyful and activity based learning helps in enhancing the creative insights of the child and thereby reduce drop outs facilitating inclusion.

Life Skill Education

Life Skill Education for Adolescents: Adolescence is that phase in the life cycle which is full of transition-physical, mental and psychological. As an effective intervention strategy, KJKS facilitates life skill education programme for adolescents wherein it counsels the adolescent girls in issues and solutions related to Puberty, cleanliness, importance of hygiene during menstruation phase. Adolescent boys are oriented on behavioural aspects of Gender, Gender Mainstreaming and respect towards the family and the society at large.

Sanitation, Health and Hygiene

On an estimate, people due to their vulnerability incur 85% out of pocket expenditure on Medical Services. This is primarily due to unhygenic living conditions that leads to diseases such as stomach ache, diarroheal condition, fever, cold and cough that can easily be prevented if cleanliness is given priority focus.

Observing Global Handwashing Day

Observing Global Handwashing Day: Realizing the importance of hygiene standards for children and its positive health impacts, KJKS partnered with Lifebuoy to observe and celebrate the Global Hand washing Day with the children at the Learning Centre. Hand washing kits were distributed amongst children, proper hand washing techniques were explained and demonstrated and collective washing of hands were facilitated.