Education Program

Education Program of KJKS was initiated since its inception in 2008 & till date efforts are being geared up on an increasing parameter to educate the children through the “Learning Centre.The unit is catering to more than 250 children from poor & underprivileged communities at Kurji,Patna.

Quality education through a pedagogy of joyful & activity based learning helps in enhancing the creative insights of the child and thereby reduce drop outs facilitating inclusion.Learning Centre also facilitates interactive sessions of children with the role models in education from their own communities & from amongst themselves on a regular basis to instilling and incubate the desire for excellence amongst children that the role models have achieved through determination & hard work. Sessions with Mr. Anand of Super 30 has created desirable impact amongst children.

The Centre imparts age appropriate learning to children and prepares them for mainstreaming into the formal schools run by the Government with special focus on promoting girls education. During the last one year 132 numbers of children have been mainstreamed into age appropriate classes in different Government schools running in the vicinity.