Sanitation, Health and Hygiene

Sanitation, Health and Hygiene: On an estimate, people due to their vulnerability incur 85% out of pocket expenditure on Medical Services. This is primarily due to unhygenic living conditions that leads to diseases such as stomach ache, diarroheal condition, fever, cold and cough that can easily be prevented if cleanliness is given priority focus. Koshi Jan Kalyan Samiti is thus working in and around Kurji and Digha on promoting optimal behaviours pertaining to Sanitation, health and hygiene. It organized health camp to screen children pertaining to their health condition, counsel parents on the importance of nutrition, nutritious diets, health and hygiene and facilitate diagnosis in case of any disease. This has come out to be a regular feature with a minimum of 200 cases being observed in each of the health camp.

Observing Global Handwashing Day

Observing Global Handwashing Day: Realizing the importance of hygiene standards for children and its positive health impacts, KJKS partnered with Lifebuoy to observe and celebrate the Global Hand washing Day with the children at the Learning Centre. Hand washing kits were distributed amongst children, proper hand washing techniques were explained and demonstrated and collective washing of hands were facilitated. Volunteers demonstrated how washing of hands before having food and after coming from toilet prevents disease. Parents who were also present on the occasion were counselled on how to use hygienic techniques at home for prevention of diseases to their children.