Life Skill Education

Life Skill Education for Adolescents: Adolescence is that phase in the life cycle which is full of transition - physical, mental and psychological. As an effective intervention strategy, KJKS facilitates life skill education programme for adolescents wherein it counsels the adolescent girls in issues and solutions related to Puberty, cleanliness, importance of hygiene during menstruation phase. Adolescent boys are oriented on behavioural aspects of Gender, Gender Mainstreaming and respect towards the family and the society at large. Life skill education program is highly interactive and interwoven with the age appropriate learning pattern. More than 100 youths (Women and Men) have benefitted from the Employment Generation Vocational Training Program. KJKS attempts to reach a large number of illiterate, less educated, unskilled or semi skilled youths to orient and train them in different market trades so that they are self sustaining.

To help the communities and community groups put new and sustained emphasis on improving living conditions and livelihood standards of underserved settlements; KJKS have been providing support inputs on various fronts in a continuum manner. This is through the following:

  • Sit and draw competition for poor and underprivileged children.
  • Distribution of blankets and warm clothes among poor and underprivileged children.
  • Celebration of important national and religious festivals with children from nearby slums and at the Learning Centre.
  • Distribution of school kits- Notebooks, School bag, Stationery etc.
  • Celebration of Children’s Day with magic show and other recreational activities at the Learning Centre.
  • Participation in Hunger free Bihar campaign in partnership with Lions Club, Patna.